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Getting married is often one of the biggest events in a couple’s life, and a celebration of that size should most certainly be captured by a professional wedding photographer.


After you have decided upon date and booked the venue, the next step is often to choose your wedding photographer. The best wedding photographers in the UK only shoot one wedding per day, and are normally booked over a year in advance, and even earlier during peak dates, so it is not a bad idea to start searching for your perfect wedding photographer early!


With over 50,000 professional photographers in the UK, there certainly is an array of choice, but finding the right one to capture your wedding is important. Your wedding photographer should make you feel comfortable, and relaxed, as well as being able to give directions and guide you through your wedding photography. It is important to choose a photographer who shoots in a style that you like, and their past work can provide you with a guide of what to expect from your wedding photos.


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Trusted Wedding Photographers


Why choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?


Whilst it may seem tempting to opt for an amateur photographer, or perhaps a friend or family member to take photos, but choosing a professional wedding photographer does have its benefits. Years into the future you will want to look back and relive the magic of your wedding day, so make sure you have great photos taken by a professional.


The leading Professional Weddings have years of training and experience under their belt, enabling them to operate their cameras and equipment quickly and effortlessly to deliver consistently exceptional results. Another great benefit of hiring a professional is that they will know exactly how to pose you for the best outcome.


Remember, when hiring a photographer, you are paying them for their hard work throughout the day. A professional wedding photographer will be there to capture that magical moment during the bouquet toss, whilst your friend or family member is taking a break from their photography duties to relax and enjoy the celebrations. It is also important to remember that your photographers work does not end the moment they leave your wedding – they then have use the retouching software to edit each of your photos one by one.


Leading Wedding Photographers


Local Wedding Photographers


Finding a local wedding photographer you can trust is essential. Will they produce great images? Will they be there on time? Will they deliver on your requirements? Putting your mind at ease is now easy, thanks to our review system, whereby you can see what past clients have said about each photographer.


Professional Photography Memberships and Qualifications are also a sign of a trusted wedding photographer, and these details can also be found within each photographer’s profile. Although it is highly unlikely to be required as a result of their time at your wedding, it is a good idea to ensure that your chosen photographer has public liability insurance.


It is important to choose a wedding photographer whose work you love, and who you can spend a large proportion of your wedding day within close proximity to.



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Looking for a Photo Booth?

A great way to extend your photography coverage, and entertain your guests all night long, is with professional wedding photo booth hire. Not only are photo booths a great deal of fun, but they are also an excellent idea for wedding favours. Rather than a traditional way of saying thanks for attending, your guests will get to take home a few photo strips from your big day, which they are sure to cherish. Photo booths also provide one of the coolest wedding guest books around, full of loving messages from your friends and family, as well as hilarious photo strips from their time in the booth. Like with wedding photography, it is always a good idea to hunt around and ask for numerous quotes to ensure you receive a great deal. 


Wedding Photography Prices and Packages


With so many professionals in the UK, there is no shortage of different Wedding Photography Prices and Packages. When choosing a wedding photography package, it is important to consider both your budget and what you want to do with your photos. If you are looking to create your own album, you can consider a ‘disc only’ package, which are becoming increasingly popular, and are sure to save you some extra money. If photography is important to you, it may be a wise investment to opt for a more deluxe package, which often include an engagement photo shoot, as well as a professional made and printed wedding album.


Best Wedding Photographers



Best Wedding Photographer


If you are passionate about capturing and remembering your big day, then you are going to want the best wedding photographers. Choosing the top wedding photographers to capture the magic of your day will ensure that nothing is missed, and you will have the photos you really want. If perfection is what you require, then don’t leave it to chance, find a leading photographer to shoot your wedding.


Want a leading wedding photographer, but don’t have the budget? Think again! Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the best. A great way to obtain a leading wedding photographer on a budget is by opting for a mid-week wedding. The demand for wedding photographers during weekdays is considerably less, and thus many photographers provide greatly discounted wedding photography packages.


Affordable Wedding Photographers 



Affordable Wedding Photographers


A great way to save money during a budget wedding is by choosing an affordable wedding photographer. A budget wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. For example, there are plenty of semi-retired professional photographers who only want to shoot for a couple of hours, rather than being on their feet for 12+ hours. These photographers will offer cheaper wedding photography prices and packages, not because they aren’t as qualified (if anything, they are over qualified), but because you receive a shorter coverage period.


If you are considering choosing a budget wedding photographer, it is important that you follow these steps to prevent disappointment:

  • 1. Insurance: All professional photographers should hold public liability insurance, so before booking, it is important that you check.
  • 2. Portfolio: Browsing a photographers past work is a great way of predicting how your wedding photos may turn out. You can also look through a photographer’s blog or ask to see a wedding album from a past client if you would like to see more of their photography work.
  • 3. References: Read what others have said. Check reviews and read testimonials.
  • 4. Personality: Even if you have the greatest wedding photographer, if you do not get along with them, your photos will not be amazing. You will spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so ensure that you get along.    


Find a Wedding Photographer


So your wedding planning is underway, now to find a wedding photographer. When it comes to weddings in the UK there is an abundance of choice. There are thousands of florists and venues, and hundreds of candy carts and photo booths, but above everything else, there are tens of thousands of professional wedding photographers in the UK. So, how you find a wedding photographer that is perfect for you and your unique requirements. There are directories, but that doesn’t solve the problem of finding a photographer to suit your budget, as filling in the thousands of request a quote forms would take days. But don’t stress – Photographers 24/7 is designed to simplify the task of finding a professional wedding photographer. It is just one simple form, and then local photographers come to you with bespoke quotes that match your unique requirements.




10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer for you:


Before selecting your photographer, follow these 10 tips to ensure you have chosen the best wedding photographer for your big day.



  • 1. Budget – Work out your photography budget and stick to it.
  • 2. Portfolio – Looking through a photographer’s portfolio will give you insight into their unique style. It is essential you choose a photographer who has a photographic style that you would like your wedding photo shot with.
  • 3. Prints, Jpegs, Albums – Work out what you want from your package.
  • 4. Photography Credentials – Professional memberships are always great, and so are other training qualifications.
  • 5. Negotiate – Do not be afraid to negotiate a better deal – it can’t hurt to ask. Maybe a few extra prints, or a slight discount. If you are having an off-peak or mid-week wedding, you can generally always find a great deal.
  • 6. Public Liability – You will most likely not need it, but it is important that your photographer has Public Liability Insurance.
  • 7. How many photos do they take? It is great to have an idea of how many photos to expect.
  • 8. Photo Restrictions – Are you allowed to print and publish your photos yourself? It is always important to ask what the photographers copyright enables you to do with your photos.
  • 9. Personality – Do you click with your photographer? It is important that you are able to get along with your photographer and follow their directions, as you will be spending a lot of your day with them!
  • 10. What if something goes wrong? Does your photographer have a backup plan in case something happens and they can no longer make your wedding? Will they have backup equipment if their primary kit has issues?


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The Essential Wedding Photographer Checklist for Brides and Grooms


Before deciding on the perfect photographer, or perhaps even starting the search, here are some great tips and advice to keep in mind to ensure you choose the best wedding photographer to capture your magical day.


Check out the Infographic!

Wedding Photographer Checklist for Brides and Grooms




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You're Getting Married, and it is time to find a Wedding Photographer, but what type of Wedding Photographer is right for you?


Below is a fun and easy infographic to help determine the perfect style of wedding photography for you. Remember, it isn't uncommon for wedding photographers to provide a combination of styles, so don't be afraid to ask.


Types of Wedding Photographer Styles