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More About Fake Paparazzi

Fake Paparazzi Hire


If you want to wow your guests, then Fake Paparazzi Hire may exactly what you are looking for!


Fake Paparazzi hire is rapidly growing in popularity for a variety of events, from Birthday Parties to Product Launches & Corporate Events, and even the occasional Wedding.


You can choose to have a fake paparazzi, or a team of them, meet you and your guests as you enter your venue, or perhaps you would prefer them to appear throughout the night to capture the candid moments.


Hire your very own personal paparazzi, and enjoy the celebrity treatment. You and your guests will feel like superstars from the moment you arrive at your venue.


What is a Fake Paparazzi?


Fake Paparazzi is a new form of entertainment/photography, which combines paparazzi style antics with traditional photography. Feel like a celebrity, with a spoof paparazzi ambushing you and your guests with flashing lights as you enter your event or party.


There are an array of different types of fake paparazzi hire, and certainly a theme to suit any event. Some of the most common types of fake paparazzi include the Comical Paparazzi hire, Red Carpet Paparazzi hire and 1950’s Press Photographers.


Fake Paparazzi UK


Which events can benefit from Fake Paparazzi Hire?


Fake Paparazzi hire is a great way to add a comical flair to any event, and the best part is that you get to keep the photos at the end! Fake Paparazzi-style photographers can set the entire mood for your event, and will sure to be a main talking point for weeks to come.


Obviously Fake Paparazzi is a great idea for a Hollywood Themed Party or Event, but there are so many other events where hiring a fake paparazzi can add to the fun and excitement of the big day, including:

  • - Proms & Leavers Balls
  • - Birthday Parties
  • - PR Events and Product Launches
  • - Corporate Event Entertainment
  • - Fundraisers
  • - Trade Shows
  • - Wedding Receptions
  • - Christmas Parties
  • - Awards Night
  • - Hens and Stag Do’s

Fake Paparazzi Hire is a great way to add some theatrical fun to your event, which is guaranteed to get your guests laughing. And remember, you also get a copy of the often hilarious photos! So what are you waiting for – request a fake paparazzi quote today.