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Capture your pet’s unique character, charisma and personality with professional pet photography and portraits


Your pet is a star, so capture them with some beautiful photos with a pet photo shoot that both you and your pet are sure to love! Choosing a Professional Pet Photographer is a great way to have exceptional photos of your furry friend that you are sure to cherish well into the future.
As a subject to photograph, animals can be one of the trickiest. People can understand direction, whereas pets will most likely not understand ‘lift your right paw a little to the left’. Professional Pet Photographers will have a series of tricks up their sleeve to ensure they get that perfect picture from a notoriously difficult subject. They say that you should ‘never work with children and animals’ but any pet photographer will tell you the great satisfaction they get from capturing a pets character.

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Best Dog Photographer

Dog Photography

You love your dog, so when it comes to choosing a great dog photographer to capture their personalities through stunning portraiture, it is important to choose a professional pet photographer.
Professional Dog Photographers are passionate about animals, and know what it takes to capture great photos of your beloved pet. Dog photographers are patient, and understand how to work with animals.
Professional Dog Photographers
Professional Dog photographers can often suggest great locations for your dog’s photo shoot, whether that be at a local beach or park, or perhaps a studio pet photography session.
Choosing the best dog photographer for your pet portraits will ensure your cat is comfortable throughout the photo shoot, and their happiness will shine through in beautiful cat portraits.
If you are looking for a great pet photographer in your local area, Photographers 24/7 is here to help connect you with the leading dog photographers. Request a Dog Photography Quote today.
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Dog Photography

Cat Photography

Professional Cat Photography is a great way to capture the personality and cuteness of your kitty. Cats can be one of the most troublesome pets to photograph, so opting for a specialist cat photographer is a great way to ensure you receive great cat portraits.
A Professional Cat Photographer will be able to create a relaxed environment, and know how to subtly introduce their equipment, to ensure your cat is comfortable throughout the shoot.
Cat Photographer
Whether you are looking for a location cat photo shoot, often at your home or in your garden, or a studio cat photographer, Photographers 24/7 has a number of the leading kitten and cat photographers throughout the UK.
Choosing the best cat photographer for your pet portraits will ensure your cat is comfortable throughout the photo shoot, and their happiness will shine through in beautiful cat portraits.
If you are looking for a trusted and local professional cat photographer in the UK, then look no further. Request a Quote Today!
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Professional Cat Photographer

Equestrian Photography

Equestrian Photography is another very common form of pet photography throughout the UK. Equestrian photography is common at horse riding events, but it is also common for horse owners to have privately commissioned photos taken with their beloved horses.
Equestrian Photographer
Equestrian photography is a specialisation within pet photography, as these photographers must be comfortable and familiar with working around horses. Photographing horses takes patience and a great understanding of the magnificent creatures.
If you are looking for the leading local equestrian photographer, then request a quote today.
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Horse Photographers

Small Pet Photography

Even the smallest members of the family deserve the star treatment with a professional small pet photo shoot! Small pet photographers can cater to everything from hamster photograhy to rabbit photography, and even reptiles and fish.
Small Pet Photographer
Small pet photographers are experienced with working with smaller animals, and know how to capture their personality through the lens. They use a variety of techniques to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the pet photo shoot.

Pet Photography Gift Vouchers

Pet photography gift vouchers also make great presents for your pet loving friend or family member. Cat and Dog photographer gift vouchers often come in a range of different packages, depending on your budget and the package inclusions.
Family Pet Photographers

Affordable Pet Photographers

If you would love professional photographs of your beloved pet, but don’t have a lot of spare cash, there may be a solution. There are a number of affordable pet photographers throughout the UK, providing cheap dog and cat photography sessions and packages.
Why are they cheaper? These photographers often provide budget pet photo shoots because they are new to the field of pet photography, or are a semi-professional, and are offering discounted pet photography to grow their portfolio. These photographers may not have the same experience as some of the leading pet photographers in the UK, but they can often still provide great shots, with a cheaper price tag.
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Horse Photographers
Some of the finest pet portraits capture the pet’s character by ensuring that two truths about animals are captured in the photograph. Firstly, it is vital to capture the eyes of any portrait subject and animals are no different. Any pet lover will tell you how their beloved pet’s eyes say so much, well the photographer’s job is to capture just that!
Secondly, any pet has its fun side and if you can capture this then you are more than half way to a successful pet portrait. But, how do you make the little critter comfortable enough to be playful around you? Pet Photographers are patient, and allow pets to be themselves. They get down to their level, and capture your pet whilst they are at their happiest.
Local Dog Photographers
Finding a Pet Photographer is Easy! Simply request a pet photography a quote, and in no time you will start receiving bespoke quotes from local professional pet photographers.

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