Blogs- Weddings for Less

Everyone knows that weddings can be extremely expensive, and in many cases cost far more than an average UK salary. There is a lot to organise, from the flowers and dresses to the entertainment and of course the honeymoon. Fortunately, we have compiled a few ideas that may help you save big on the cost of your wedding.  

Look for Promo Codes

Many people think that voucher and promo codes are only for big stores and companies, but you may be surprised to learn that even small retailers commonly offer coupons and deals. A quick Google search of "retailer + promo code" will generally yield some useful results. When buying and booking larger items from bigger retailers, you can almost always save extra money when using a promo code. Honeymoons are a great example, as you will often travel or book with a large company. A quick search on your favourite search engine can quickly deliver some promising savings, such as £150 Off First Choice Holidays when using a discount code, as well as amazing discounts on airfares and cruises throughout the world.  

Book in Advance

As demand for services grow, the price typically increases. One of the best ways to beat increasing prices is to book early! Photographers, for example, often review and increase their prices as they become more experienced and demand for their photographic services increase. As such, for the best prices it can be a great idea to ensure you are organised and book early. It is ok if you haven't saved up too much for your wedding just yet, as you will typically only need a small deposit to secure your favourite service providers. Always ensure you do some research before committing to a photographer or other wedding specialist, as they will stop advertising for your day, and you may not always be able to retrieve your deposit if you change your mind.  

Look for Affordable Providers & Suppliers

It may seem obvious, but far too often people pay more than they need to as they do not search for 'cheap' or 'affordable' service providers. In many cases, the service you receive will be the same. For example, a chocolate fountain or candy cart will often be similar, regardless of prices. You can also check prices and reviews to ensure the quality of a service provider. As well as candy carts and chocolate fountains, you can find all sorts of budget services, such as jumping castles, DJs, cheap photo booths and even affordable wedding photographers.  

Consider an Off-Peak Wedding

When thinking off-peak for weddings, most people think of the colder winter months, but this isn't true. For the best deals, consider having your wedding on Monday to Thursday. These are the days most wedding suppliers and venues are least busy, and are thus willing to provide the best deals. Even over winter, many wedding service providers are busy on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They may not always be covering weddings, but there are typically a range of events that they are required to cover, from corporate events, parties, etc.   If you have any suggestions on saving money or getting a better deal, we would love to hear them.