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Posing for Pet Photography


Taking great photos of your pet sounds like it may be challenging, but with these simple steps to help with posing for pet photography, you are sure to get some great shots.
  • The Pensive Look. Use a toy, or perhaps a treat, to get your pet to look off into the distance. Great for all types of pet photography, as most pets attention can be obtained with simple aids.


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  • The Running Shot. This simple posing technique for pet photographers is effective and can deliver great results, but unfortunately won’t work for all pets. It is best suited to dogs (or active cats), who enjoy chasing a ball. Simply have one person through the ball past you and capture the pet as he or she charges towards you for the camera/ball.


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  • The Family Portrait. Don’t be afraid to jump in there with your pets. These photos can make for very entertaining shots, especially when your pets don’t want to sit still.
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  • The Self Posed. This pet photography technique is one of the easiest, yet often delivers some of the best results. Simply let your pet wander throughout their favourite places, whether that be wandering through tall grass or basking in the sunshine next to a window. This method is particularly useful for pets who don't like to pose.
  • Remember, it is always important to be patient when posing for pet photography, and overall ensure you are having a fun time – pets like to have fun too!
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