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About Elizabeth Boyle Photography:


Picture this: The year is 1973 and a woman purchases a brand new Pentax K1000. She is studying in university to be a photographer. This film camera is her only piece of kit. But family and friends convince her that photography isn’t stable enough as a career. The woman reluctantly drops photography and begins studying to become a nurse. She considers selling the camera but decides: no, she’ll keep it.


She gives the camera to her 16 year old daughter.



This girl’s father lives in the wilderness of Washington State, USA, and creates sculptures for a living. Some people would call him eccentric.


Now picture this: the daughter of this man and this woman goes to University, herself, and she studies light and chemicals and spends hours in the darkroom. The girl is a woman, now, and her hands have a knack for this working without seeing.



Her camera is a Pentax K1000, an old film-body with a stock 35mm lens and a battery and a needle to balance aperture and shutter speed, just a needle and a battery and the film — wind it when it’s done, and don’t open it too soon!




The picture is coming into focus. Nearly a decade later, the woman is lucky enough to work in major portrait studios. She has the opportunity to add experience to education, and she begins to see.



She gets to see lives, and freeze them, now, in the right now and they are solid, real, and they can stay real for as long as there is a frame on a wall somewhere.


She can give this sight to people. This is the woman’s career. Her camera is new and she has lenses and lighting and wireless gadgets that throw light at the press of a button. They are not the sight, but they help in the seeing.



Picture this: she tells people. Picture this.


And resting on the shelf in her home among favourite books and old sculptures, with a fresh battery and a roll of black-and-white film loaded and ready, is a Pentax K1000.




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