Blogs- 6 Tips to help you book the perfect Corporate Event Entertainment

Finally, the boss is taking you seriously and to prove it he’s put you in charge of the live entertainment for the Corporate Party. Before the nerves set in, remember you got this position for your knack at creating the best time for the right tastes.  


So where do you go? Are the Rolling Stones available? If not, who’s your back up? If the budget calls for it then there are some amazing possibilities to arouse the interest of the suits when they’re trying to kick their feet up in a responsible way. Before your boss gets all red-faced makes sure it’s because he’s having a great time and not because he’s about to fly off the handle because you didn’t handle the things in the right way.      


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  1. Research on the Internet and find out which is the most reputable source. Depending on your location and budgetary constraints there a multitude of choices to create a memorable experience such as


  1. Hire professionals. This point can’t be understated. When producing an event to wow the suits it is not the time to show them how fiscally responsible you can be by hiring a garage band with a laptop computer.


  1. Consider the tastes of your audience. If your boss has a penchant for jazz and you decide heavy metal is the hottest sound around you may be in hot water. Conversely, if you get a DJ you discovered on a weekend of binge partying a thumping dubmix may not be the right way to go.


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  1. Go for the wow factor. Many are unaware some of the biggest bands in the world will perform at your corporate event. For the right price of course. So check online booking agents for corporate events and parties to speak to an agent that can get you the entertainment of your dreams.


  1. Ask for help. This advice flies in the face of those who tend to go-it-alone, but when booking a corporate event there are planners out there who can remain attentive to the needs of your business keep the theme intact and make you look like a master of ceremonies in the process. A flawless event is what you need to impress the boss and delegating the right job to the right person and allowing them to do it is a sign of a great leader.


  1. Remember, hiring an event planner for your corporate event can also give you access to other entertainment options you may or may not have considered. For instance, bands are only one aspect of available entertainment. Comedians, DJs, and motivational speakers can give your event the variety and ebb and flow to make this event the event of a lifetime.



Whether planning for a Fortune 500 company or a large wedding there are a variety of options to create a night of fun and memories with a budget that is affordable with the organization and wow factor to knock people’s socks off.  


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